For 70 years Doxa has been synonymous with market research in Italy. Founded in 1946, it has always ranked among the leading companies of the sector both in terms of quality and reliability. Doxa is chosen to address and support the strategic approaches of private companies and institutions. The attention focused on innovation in order to adapt Doxa’s solutions to a constantly changing market, along with the scientific rigor, has always been at the base of our work.

To meet the continuous and different needs expressed by customers, Doxa has built over the years a wide and articulated system of methods, techniques and analysis tools. Doxa’s commitment is to continue to design innovative research solutions by constantly investing to offer customers more effective decision support. National and international customers rely on Doxa on a daily basis, thanks to its experience in numerous market segments and sectors such as Finance, Energy & Utilities, Tlc & Mobility, Consumer Goods, Pharma, Retail, Media, Public Affair and B2B.

Doxa controls DoxaPharma, born from the union of a team of managers with consolidated experience in the research sector for pharmaceutical companies. DoxaPharma answers the questions of market operators using all the detection and analysis techniques and proposing original solutions both at the operational level and in terms of results.

Doxa is certified ISO 9001:2008 and accredited ASSIRM Quality.

The Group

Doxa is part of BVA Group (bva-group.com)

BVA Group is a research and consulting company, ranked among the top 20 global agencies. BVA works with private companies and public institutions and stands out for its ability to build effective strategies to change the behavior of customers and citizens, based on data-science and behavioral science. BVA Group is the European leader in Customer Experience research (feed-back management, mystery shopping, quality monitoring, customer satisfaction, NPS and ethnography) and with the associated company PRS IN VIVO, oversees the fast-moving consumer goods segment (FMCG). Over 100 leading brands use BVA’s behavioral knowledge, including solutions of the award-winning Global Nudge Unit, to offer its customers an effective and linear Customer Journey and to design new products and successful services. 

In addition to headquarter in France, BVA Group also has offices in New York, Chicago, London, Geneva, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Rome, Milan, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

International Network

Doxa is a founding partner of the Gallup International Association and WIN – The Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research. These networks represent over 75 countries.

Vilma Scarpino is President of WIN and CEO of Doxa.

Since 2009, Doxa has been the Italian partner of IMSA, an international network of leading companies in mystery shopping and customer satisfaction surveys, with its own network of partners in 125 companies.

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