Doxa has wide experience in the most advanced qualitative research methodologies and offers its clients complete and customised solutions.

To generate insights and develop solutions

High competitive industries have many constrictions and communication strategies represent a constant challenge in the foreground, that is the identification of the target groups’ needs, latent needs included, together with the search of responses to meet them. Doxidea® is a technique that feeds the comparison among different players and their mutual exchange by alternating stimuli and working and playing methods designed to favour spontaneous, generative and free comparison. All this aims to load up on energy, channelling them to reach the goals.

Doxa Co-generation
To generate the new

Innovation is today an essential challenge. Innovation does not mean development, but ability to depart from usual patterns to identify routes that had never been thought of before. Doxa develops creative paths to generate new ideas. A mix of established techniques able to reactivate creativity designed through several phases (destructuring, divergent generation, convergence and development). Combining top down and bottom up, online and offline integrated innovative processes, and involving different target groups (corporate, consumer, opinion leader and opinion maker), with stimuli mediated through the analysis of the emerging cultural models.

Insight Room
A new way to involve the target group

Insight Room helps channel the attitude of the new individual 2.0 without forgetting the research skills and paradigms.

Insight Room is not an online focus group. It is not a web forum and not even a blog, but real research 2.0. It is the methodology Doxa set up to approach the world of online qualitative research and, through the use of a propriety platform, it enables new ways to relate with the target groups by expanding the Web’s investigation and generation potential.

TSD Talk to Self Discovery
To really understand what is going on

The understanding of the triggers to customers’ deep dynamics requires complex paths. The in-depth one-to-one is a classic tool that has however lost its founding features over time and is now ever more similar to an interview. TSD allows exploring, analysing in-depth and developing the survey issue. The moderator’s role is relevant in helping the person to reconstruct his/her experiential path and the genesis of behaviours and attitudes experienced by providing proper reading keys.

Qualitative Long Wave
Empowered vision

To gather the phenomena and to intercept the emerging new expressions for a better understanding of behaviours and the underlying dynamics. Offline and online dialogue. From simple observation, Doxa creates a new tool: Very often at the end of the qualitative sessions, the interviewees keep commenting on the topic. Long Wave gives the chance to extend the dialogue and enrich the research insights by integrating multi-media contents on the specific 2.0 platform. Widely tested in the post-launch product analysis, it works in synergy with other online and offline techniques.

Freedom of expression in collecting insights

The Web: A new environment, a new reality where different ways of thinking develop. T@LK is a tool that identifies and measures the shared pillars of the brand world, product and communication.

It is addressed to those willing to understand the consumer’s thoughts and expressions so as to have a rich and actionable overview of their brand, product or service.

Change Monitoring
An original contribution to orientation

The study provides statistical indicators collected through the Doxabus platform, plus a qualitative module to interpret the evolution of fears and hopes: An integrated approach of extensive research techniques and semeiotic analysis of the language.

It is dedicated to those who want to be in control and support their decisions by having relevant reading keys in advance.

Paths of Meaning

The ethnographic observation is now an established tool. It is based on the repeated observation of the context of use/consumption and enriched with comments gathered through in-depth interviews. It provides detailed descriptive information. However, reading the data gathered is always not easy. Hence, it is important to define the interpretation model to give a meaning to the richness of data turning them into operational clues. Doxa, in collaboration with the University of Bologna, created Paths of Meaning, a technique founded on an ethno-semeiotic approach that combines classic ethnographic methodology and a socio-semeiotic approach.

Brand ProFEELing
Catch the feeling of the brand

Ever more, brand equity is measured on its intangible assets in terms of ability to meet rational and emotional needs, as well as the ability to generate positive feelings and emotions thanks to its strong, consistent and distinctive imagery. Today, Doxa can make the equity studies richer in more emotional components identifying the levers to work on in order to trigger positive perceptions and attitudes to the brand or products.

ProFEELing  XP
Measure-Proof Customer Experience

In the relationship with the brand, the store is increasing its relevance. In fact, the customer does not only buy products and services, but enters in contact with the world of the brand and looks for a rich and emotionally qualified experience. Doxa has successfully experienced a new research approach that allows to identify and measure the more emotional components of the store experience and to provide actionable clues to promote consistency between store and brand.

Genius loci
Each place has its own identity

The Genius loci was a protective spirit of a place. Today, Genius Loci is also an expression used in architecture to identify all socio-cultural, architectural, language and habit features distinguishing a place, an environment and a town.

Doxa set up an exclusive approach that can “catch the Genius Loci” and describe its specificities by helping organisations, companies and retailers to enhance their identity and best orient their activities.