Time Budget: Italians’ Daily Activities During the Lockdown

During the week, the activity that keeps Italians the busiest in quarantine is the care of the house (78%), while on weekends watching the TV (72%). What about smart working? From Monday to Friday, smart working occupies most of the time for 35% of Italians, while on the weekend for 20% of them. This is what emerges from the latest BVA Doxa research on the opinions and predictions of Italians during Coronavirus times, which in its fourth wave included a focus on Italians’ budget for their daily activities.

Italians spend more time looking after the house, watching TV – both for information and entertainment – and cooking for themselves and their families. This is what emerges from the latest survey conducted in Italy by BVA Doxa on the main impacts of the recent spread of the Covid-19 virus on the Italian population. The research – conducted on a representative sample of 1003 Italians in the period 17-20 April 2020 – included, among other topics, a particular focus on the daily activities carried out by Italians during the lockdown. This survey represents the fourth wave of a weekly observatory that started on the 20th of March and that keeps analyzing some issues integrating others ad hoc over the weeks.


As the quarantine continues, Italians revised their daily routines and manage to devote more time to previously more neglected activities. Thus, from Monday to Friday Italians’ typical day sees  activities such as looking after the house (78%), watching TV to get informed and to follow the latest news (76%), cooking for themselves and their families ( 73%) and watching TV for entertainment (71%). These home activities are immediately followed by chatting with friends and relatives (65%), using social networks (58%), and listening to music (56%). Only 35% of Italians report working from home (smart working).

On the other hand, during the week Italians spend way less time in activities that involve leaving the house: only 16% dedicates time to visiting and helping nearby family members, and 24% say they spend part of their time going out shopping or making purchases in the pharmacy. The least recurring home activities include the use of video games (32%), attending online courses or tutorials (28%), playing with children (28%), helping children in study activities (25%), and playing with board games (20%).

HOW A WEEKEND IN QUARANTINE LOOKS LIKE: SPENDING TIME WATCHING TV – Italians’ priorities while home-isolated during the weekend are slightly different. In the first place, among other activities involving a lot of time, there is the recreational use of TV (72%), immediately followed by cooking for themselves and other family members (71%), watching TV to get informed and to follow the latest news (71%), look after the home (71%) and chatting with friends and relatives (65%). The percentages of those who spend most of their time on weekends using social networks (55%) and listening to music (53%) remain in line with the results collected during the week, as well as the percentages of people reading (47% vs. 49% on weekdays). As for smart working, 20% of Italians say they spend part of their weekend working.


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