Retail Audit: safety norms compliance in Italian shops

From a recent survey carried out by MSPA – Mystery Shopping Professionals Association which BVA Doxa is a member of – emerge some interesting data about the safety and distancing measures applied in Italian stores.

The data were collected through Retail Audit: mystery shoppers were sent to a sample of stores where they recorded the availability of disinfectant gels, the use of masks, the presence of warnings and signs, and the usage of social distancing measures.

The results reveal that the situation is handled properly when considering the presence and usage of devices (such as gels, masks); however, the situation could improve from the point of view of in-store communication and, even more, in enforcing the distancing between shoppers.

Can it impact sales? Yes, with an estimated 1 in 10 shoppers expressing concern about completing their purchase. This has impacts both on the immediate purchase and in the consideration of the shop / return of the shopper to the store.

We share the report here below, with the detailed data and the Doxa Retail Audit Tool: the possibility, for Retailers, to activate in 24h a few audit surveys in their network.

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Retail Doxa Crowdsourced Audit Leaflet 2020 Page 0001

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