Nudge, Doxa launches a new marketing tool

Doxa with the BVA Group Nudge Unit launches a cutting-edge approach to improve the performance of companies and institutions by integrating behavioral sciences into marketing strategies. Objective: to leverage also on the non-rational sphere of each person.

Many companies look to their customers and their employees as fully rational decision makers, without considering the non-rational component that is often the basis of the most strategic actions of each of us, whether we are dealing with consumption choices or working or social relationships.

The Nudge theory is born from this assumption, according to which, even slight changes of context can encourage people to adopt a specific behavior and to take decisions that are not obvious.

This is a cutting-edge theory that is part of the behavioral sciences and that Doxa presents for the first time in Italy with the Nudge Unit of BVA Group, among the first realities in the world to explore the potential of behavioral sciences applied to marketing and to management and social interactions.

With a Nudge approach it is possible, for example, to incentivize digital conversion: with small adjustments or “small pushes” you can help to implement the use of digital, to improve the user experience of apps and / or site registration; marketing and communication campaigns can be optimized; you can influence the process of purchasing products and services by creating unique moments in the customer’s experience; and finally, it is possible to intervene in corporate organizations by streamlining decision-making processes and making them more effective.

BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCE APPLIED TO MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT – Doxa can provide companies with a team of professionals experienced in the application of behavioral sciences and with a solid background in the world of marketing and management. An ideal combination of skills to present feasible and effective solutions to the market in:

  • Nudge marketing, which refers to efforts to modify and guide the behavior of an external audience (consumers, customers, patients, citizens and so on) through initiatives that positively influence the customer journey.
  • Nudge management, which relies on the behavior of an internal audience (managers, employees and stakeholders) through projects that involve specific behaviors (related to customer service, collaboration or promotion) or wider challenges (diversity / inclusion, security at work or even more streamlined decision-making processes).

To achieve business objectives, Doxa – together with the dedicated team of the BVA Group Nudge Unit – has a wide range of powerful tools and methodologies to be activated depending on the theme to be addressed and the desired result: behavioral audit, training, workshop, leadership coaching, specific approaches such as Nudge Lab to be developed side by side with the client, or Nudge Design Expert, proprietary tools for behavioral change, tests and research.

“Nudge is a new point of view through which we are able to interpret the behavior of each individual”, says Vilma Scarpino, Managing Director of Doxa. “Marketing and management are constantly evolving; for this reason, it is essential for companies to become aware of the fact that decisions are not only made on a rational basis, but that there is also a non-rational component on which we can leverage, integrating behavioral sciences into strategic choices. Nudge can also contribute significantly to improving the world we live in because it leads people to adopt virtuous behaviors that have a positive impact on themselves, on the community and on the planet. In particular, companies that have at heart the interests of all their stakeholders, are able to establish solid relationships of trust”.

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