New Normal Kids

Families and children are facing a ‘unique’ period that significantly impacts behaviors and habits of the target.

NEW NORMAL KIDS aims at understanding how preferences and consumptions are being defined in the ‘new normal’ of children aged 3 to 16 and their families.

The survey is modular and consists of 3 possible insights:


A snapshot of media habits to understand how to reach the target and an analysis of consumption and preferred categories to get ideas for new developments. The results will be compared with the previous pre COVID-19 edition.


An in-depth study on the emotional state of young people in the past and in right now, to better understand how they are facing the new routines and therefore grasp their basic needs and the correct communication keys.


A look at the current trends in the Kids world as a stimulus for reflections on how to adapt or modify relationships with the target and services in a deeply transformed context.

Discover the new edition that can guide Marketing strategies on this target.

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