New Business Scenarios – Download BVA Doxa Booklet

New Business Scenarios – Download BVA Doxa Booklet

Since March 2020, when the health emergency hit Italy and the rest of the world, BVA Doxa conducted a continuous investigation on the main impacts of the spread of COVID-19 on the Italian population, with specific reference to perceptions, lifestyle changes and predictions of the future.

The pandemic has triggered profound changes and irreversible processes that have overturned – and continue to do so every day – the contexts we were used to, forcing companies and professionals to navigate on sight in unknown waters.

Considering the uncertainty we are going through, experts of BVA Doxa wanted to give a perspective reading of the results collected, while trying to imagine the possible new market and business scenarios within different industries.

In light of these considerations, BVA Doxa realized the “2020: New Market Scenarios”, a booklet to better interpret the “new normal”.

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