Football, what a passion!

The desire to go to the stadium is growing and will attract 10% of Italians between season and single tickets. The portion of those interested in the pay-per-view remains unchanged: 29%. All about Italians and football in the Findomestic Observatory based on BVA Doxa data.

The passion of Italians for football is rekindled. Thanks also to the Italians who, during the recent World Cup in France, were able to keep 75% of their compatriots glued to the TV. Proof of this is the Findomestic Observatory, based on BVA Doxa data. Compared to 2018 (5.5%), grows the percentage of fans who claim to want to subscribe a seasonal ticket at the stadium for the next football season (6.7%). Considering also who will buy individual tickets for the matches, the percentage of fans who will go to the stadium rises to 10%. Fans are willing to spend more to buy the seasonal ticket for the favorite football team: if the average outlay remains stable (just over 340 euros), the number of fans who declare themselves willing to spend at least 400 euros increase (from 24.2% at 26.2%). Although payment in a single solution is the preferred formula (chosen by 60.3% of the fans), those who think of resorting to payment in installments (from 17.4% in 2018 to 27% in 2019) are also growing. As in 2018, 29% of respondents will follow football on pay-TV next year with a peak of 39.3% in the South. 18.6% think they will follow the games on free online streaming portals, on the 28th, 6% are content to stay updated through Internet sites and sports press, while 7.4% prefer radio.

WAY TO GADGETS & CO – 24% of respondents bought gadgets from a football club: 78% of these spent up to a maximum of 100 euros. 23% of the sample has at least one child who cultivates a passion for football through the practice of this sport. Half of them (56%) spend up to 400 euros for their children’s soccer school.

INTER GOES UP, NAPOLI GOES DOWN – For over half of the fans, the protagonist of the 2019-2020 season will still be the “Old Lady”. Despite the Champions League debacle and the passing of the torch between Massimiliano Allegri and Maurizio Sarri, Juventus is confirmed to be the top-ranked team for the victory of the next Serie A Championship according to 52% of the interviewees. Bianconeri aside, in the race for the Scudetto, the expectations for Napoli fall, favored only for 9.8% of Italians (15% in 2018). Instead, the gap under the Madonnina widens, with the Rossoneri that only convincing 3.4% of respondents while the Nerazzurri fly at 15.8%, also considered as a probable revelation team of the year (14.8%), followed by Atalanta (10.3%).

THE “PALLONARO” IS YOUNG – 81% of the Italian population aged between 18 and 64 declares to be interested in the football world (79% in 2018). For 19% of Italians, especially males (27%) and aged 18-24 (28.3), football represents a real passion. 27% consider themselves quite interested in football and 35% claim to be an occasional fan, active only in the highlights of national and international competitions. 19% of respondents, on the other hand, are not interested in this sport. On the other hand, women claim to be casual fans (40.6%): they follow with interest the matches of the national team and the most important competitions like the World or European Football Championships.

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