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During the SRI opening event, at the Italian Senate, BVA Doxa presented results from the research on the relationship between Italian investors and climate change. One particular finding stands out: 92% of investors find environmental policies to be a relevant aspect when investing. 

92% of investors find environmental policies to be a relevant aspect when investing, a result coming from the research “Italian Investors and Climate Change” carried out by BVA Doxa for the Sustainable Finance Forum. Results were presented at the Senate for the opening event of the eight edition of the SRI week (Sustainable and Responsible Investment). The research, supported by Allianz Global Investors, Etica Sgr and State Street Global Advisors shows that the relationship between saving behaviors and climate is becoming stronger. Here the main findings:

  1. More than 80% of respondents consider important to be informed about their investments’ impact on environmental and social sustainability; however, more than half of the sample believes there is a lack of information on sustainable finance in Italy and that the financial sector should take more into consideration the ESG factors (Environmental, Social and Governance).
  2. Among those who know SRI products, one in four declares to have already invested in them. Among the reasons why respondents are not choosing to invest in SRI products, the survey finds that 47% believes there is a lack of information about the products’ characteristics and properties, and 36% thinks the products are not advertised well enough. However, a promising result comes from the sales network: 40% of investors were offered sustainable investment options, 9% points more compared to 2018.
  3. The environmental aspects influencing the investment choices the most are: renewable energy (72%), energy-saving policies (69%) and the circular economy (67%).

The research was not only about finance: interestingly, almost the entire sample (91%) considers human activities the main causes of climate change. In particular:

  1. More than 60% of investors claim their behavior and habits changed due to a higher awareness towards environmental sustainability. Recycling, the usage of LED light bulbs and waste reduction were the most mentioned items.
  2. 70% of investors consider people’s health and safety the main economic risk deriving from climate change, followed by agricultural damages (62%) and problems related to migration (45%). Among the economic sectors more exposed to climate change consequences they named agriculture, the food sector, and energy.
  3. Among the actors involved in climate change prevention and control, 33% points to European Institution, followed by energy producers (18%) and national institutions (17%).

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