The spread of Internet and social media has meant the creation of new spaces for sharing and exchanging views, especially on brands and products, thus extending the places of influence. Listening to users who speak on the network becomes crucial to monitor and better manage their online reputation, explain the behavior of individuals, get suggestions and stimulations and intercept emerging trends.

What we do

  • Online reputation: a monitoring of the brand’s online reputation among the various stakeholders (public opinion, press, blogger, etc.)
  • Brand image & Product image: an analysis of the perceived brand, products, services in the digital word of mouth to identify strengths and weaknesses, even in benchmark with its competitors
  • Innovation & Customer Needs: an in-depth analysis to discover experiences, unmet needs of users, with the aim of seizing opportunities for the development of new products and services or improving existing ones
  • Communication: a survey of the impact of communication initiatives in terms of generated eco, of reception received by the various targets, of image return on the brand.

Why BVA Doxa

BVA Doxa is the reference point for the market as it offers:

  • Research background: what we do is real research, not just listening to the network
  • Multidisciplinary approach: our team consists of people with broad digital skills applied to marketing research
  • Integration: we believe in the integration with prompted market research phases (e.g. survey, focus group, etc …)
  • Proprietary algorithms: we use proprietary approaches that allow us to collect, select, measure and analyze digital word of mouth
  • 360 ° approach: we analyze not only the social channels owned by the customer, but also all the places outside of them, such as Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, blogs, forums, news sites, video sharing sites and photos, review sites
  • Tailor made approach: each research is carried out according to specific approaches designed to meet the specific purposes of the client.

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