In many cases, company management asks as simple as important questions: “How many know my brand?”; “Who buys my products?”; “What do they think of my brand?

What we do

BVA Doxa supports companies to provide accurate and reliable answers to these questions, with a Survey sharing service called Doxabus. It is a quantitative research tool based on a multi-client system, with interviews characterized by representative samples of the entire population and its subgroups.

It provides surveys conducted on a regular basis that guarantees not only the sharing of costs but also the exclusivity of the results and the customization in the various phases of the research.

Doxabus is a multi-channel tool: face-to-face, telephone, online and mobile based interviews.

Doxabus meets the need of individuals or families even if they belong to low penetration targets (e.g. mothers with children, recent buyers of a product, potential visitors to a country or a tourist destination, etc.). Doxabus can also be used successfully for:

  • incidence / segmentation study
  • brand consideration / preference / positioning
  • competitive context analysis
  • intention to buy and price sensitivity study
  • evaluation of concepts, testimonials, etc.
  • epidemiological studies
  • studies for legal problems (e.g. intellectual property)
  • investigations with media purposes (e.g. for communication agencies, press offices)

Why BVA Doxa

Because it offers:

  • personalized support despite the standardized basic methodology
  • availability of various data collection methods (CAPI, CATI, online) that can also be used in an integrated way within the same project
  • rigorous sampling procedures (random extractions, stratified samples)
  • effective outputs also from the graphical point of view
  • competitive prices and progressive discounts with increasing sample size and length of questionnaires

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