The innovation and accessibility of information have made it necessary to have tools that allow, in a flexible and adaptable way, the acquisition of information capable of intercepting signals and desires for change and demonstrating the company’s proximity to the final customer. For this reason, companies often provide themselves with tools to dialogue and get insight from their clients or prospective targets.

What we do

  • We develop and manage panels and communities for companies starting from the experience gained in the development of our panels and proprietary platforms
  • We guarantee a flexible and modular approach to meet different needs
  • We operate on panels / communities of various sizes (from a few thousand subscribers to 100 thousand users) and on different targets (consumer / user, prospect, stakeholder)
  • We work with major market players in the finance, energy and utilities, media / entertainment and GDO sectors.

Why BVA Doxa

BVA Doxa cares for the customer during the entire period of collaboration and not only during the research phases. We provide a dedicated team, constant over time, and available for any customer research needs. We aim to build a solid relationship that allows you to support the internal teams in the decision-making process.

The dedicated team is usually composed of a research manager, an executive and a junior manager for each departmental area (which and how many) and involves a project account.

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