BVA Doxa traces a timely photograph of “new Italians”, i.e. foreigners with a regular status of stay or Italian acquired citizenship, who live and work permanently in Italy. This is a cultural and consumption analysis, as well as a useful tool to learn about a part of the population that is very segmented, of great value and social and business interest.

What we do

  • We draw the identikit of the “new Italians” of first and second generation: origin; permanence in Italy; socio-demographic profile
  • We take pictures of their habits and their purchase behavior
  • We analyze their digital activities
  • We identify and follow their use of traditional media
  • We carry out in-depth studies on specific ethnic groups

Why BVA Doxa

BVA Doxa has been tracing the profile of a very diverse segment of the population for years: the “new Italians” do not represent a single target, but many targets with many segmentations. Each with its own motivations, characteristics, levels of integration and so on. Only with an adequate representativeness of the sample and a flexible approach is it possible to describe correctly the “new Italians”.

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