There are many points of contact with the final customer. In order to better manage omnichannel by keeping the quality of the service offered under control, BVA Doxa offers two tools: mystery shopping and the smart community. Aim: give the possibility to its customers to have a careful and complete look on objective and relational aspects of the execution and the experience at the point of sale using specific information collected directly in the field.


It is a methodology based on the observation of facts, a mirror to understand what happens when the potential customer interacts with people who represent the company.

What do we do

  • We measure adherence to corporate guidelines in both structural and relational terms
  • We determine the strengths and areas of improvement of the service model
  • We identify best practices and create rankings, to allow each store to improve its performance.

Why BVA Doxa

BVA Doxa has developed an interpretative grid that allows to measure “what” the employees do and “how” they interact with the client, by analyzing in detail three aspects:

  • Operations: point of sale status and consistency with company guidelines
  • Relationship / Empathy: the attitude of the sales staff and the ability to involve the final customer
  • Commercial push: commitment of employees and consistency in the use of the correct arguments for the promotion of products / services and brand.

A Design Thinking Approach to Mistery Shopping


What do we do

We have a community of consumers equipped with smartphones and distributed over the country which we use to collect insight and data on retail execution: promo, out of stock, on shelf availability, 2nd placement, price and so on. We act quickly, reliably and effectively. We are able to monitor 500 locations in 8 hours, in Italy and in Europe.

Why BVA Doxa

BVA Doxa is one of the founders of MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association) and an Italian member of IMSA (International Mystery Shopping Alliance). BVA Doxa is the European leader in measuring retail execution through the smart community. Our network of qualified consumers provides objective and certified data in real time. For further information and details: