BVA Doxa has the most extensive experience in research in Italy on children aged 3-18 and their families. This is combined with the ability to provide advice on marketing and communication addressed to all companies that offer products and services aimed at this target.

The New DoxaKids 2021 Proposal

Read “R-evolution 2021” the new DoxaKids research proposal aimed at understanding and monitoring the behaviors and habits of children and families, to understand what changes took place in recent years and to identify which are the ones destined to last over time.

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Kids Marketing Days

Kids Marketing Days is the only Italian event dedicated to family marketing strategies where managers and professionals of companies that target children and families meet. Visit the page dedicated to the event here with all the materials and updates on the latest edition.

Here below, you can find the latest research presented during last edition of the event: Family and Kids – The guidelines for navigating the new renaissance starts by highlighting the changes made and experienced since 2020 and explains how DoxaKids research provides a picture of the habits of children and families, during the “new normal”. The presentation Sustainability and children – When marketing is responsible analyzes the behaviors and opinions of kids and families in the context of sustainability, to understand how companies that target them can respond to their new needs. The research was presented by Cristina Liverani, Kids & Special Projects Unit Manager BVA Doxa, María José Monteagudo Arrebola, Environmental Project Handler UL and Enrico Santarelli, Chief Marketing Officer & Commercial Director Clementoni during the Kids Marketing Days event.

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What do we do

  • We support companies in the innovation process, by transforming market insights into unique product / service ideas and successful online and offline marketing and communication
  • We support clients in the development of projects aimed at increasing sales, managing partnerships and sponsorships, planning promotion and engagement activities
  • We help companies discover emerging trends, select the most suitable influencers for their brand, and plan events and communication campaigns
  • We support company functions in data analysis and interpretation of research results, offering ideas and identifying new business opportunities.
  • We identify new business opportunities, suggest new products and help companies develop them.

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Why BVA Doxa

Our “multiclient” research offers a broad and articulated vision on habits, preferences and consumption of the target investigated. With “Kids”, the first research in Italy about 3-16 year olds, we explore the relationship of children and young people with the world of media and digital consumption: from TV to gaming, to the use of smartphones and tablets. “Kids” explores all the segments and markets for the target: cinema and entertainment, reading books and periodicals, collections, games and videogames, sports activities, food, creative activities, knowledge and appreciation of the characters from the world of fantasy, entertainment, music, sport and YouTube. The information we have form a vast database for each type of scenario analysis and serve as a solid basis for ad hoc projects. In the qualitative field, we adopt specific methodologies to understand the phenomena in their entirety, by adapting and modeling them carefully according to the emotional and cognitive development of children and teenagers. For further information and details: