The essence of market research lies in their ability to provide companies with concrete support in defining the most appropriate development and positioning strategies, giving insight to the implementation of new products and services to be launched on the market or, again, to suggest marketing and communication actions able to better support the growth of companies, products and services. BVA Doxa accompanies and steers customers in strategic and tactical decision making processes by developing a design based on the mash-up of skills, methodologies and information sources.

What we do

  • Market insight: phenomenological analysis of attitudes and behaviors and revision of the target segmentation criteria
  • Strategic Positioning: identification of competitive assets and the most promising positioning guidelines
  • Brand Evolution: restructuring of the brand image and the value profile, the intangible and the communication codes
  • Innovation Process: co-generation of new ideas and concepts, design and fine tuning of proposals
  • Concept Foresight: support for the launch of products / services and potential market size
  • Adv Diagnostics: performance of advertising campaigns and communication quality diagnosis.

Why BVA Doxa

BVA Doxa is the reference point for the market as it offers:

  • Team of consultants specialized in marketing intelligence research based
  • Proprietary platforms for the creation of generative and explorative surveys
  • Web based tools
  • Exclusive research methodologies.

For example:

F.A.C.S. – coding of facial micro-expressions for the analysis of emotions

PROMONITOR – measurement of the effectiveness of promotional campaigns

O.N.E. – studies supporting multistakeholder strategies

CUBE – competitive positioning analysis

VOLUME – dimensioning of the potential market

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