The game market is an industry that grows year after year and knowing its peculiarities is strategic for anyone who works there. BVA Doxa is able to photograph the market through ad hoc searches on offline and online games. Starting from: VLT / AWP, scratch cards and virtual games.

What we do

  • We track punctual market scenarios by calculating the number of players in each cash game and photographing their behavioral habits
  • We establish favorite games, and which one will create more revenue and business opportunities
  • We trace the identikit of videolottery players, slots and bets of all kinds, by dimensioning the reference markets
  • We monitor those games of chance that are socially difficult to accept and to track (few admit playing with)
  • We test with specific product the appeal of the games and their optimization before they are launched.

Why BVA Doxa

BVA Doxa has been following the world of offline and online gaming for over 10 years and traces its behavior and evolution. Among our products we mention the “multiclient” Game in Italy – Paid online game, aimed at analyzing the behaviors and attitudes of the Italian population towards online payment games. Founded in 2007 in collaboration with AAMS (Agency of Customs and Monopolies), it represents the first research carried out in Italy in this field. Each year is enriched with insight and analysis on the evolution of online players.

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