Digital transformation is under way. Each company can choose whether to continue operating by leveraging old stereotypes and paradigms, or whether to make a decisive change to the organization and its internal culture. In order to facilitate the change of companies’ approach to the market, BVA Doxa and Connexia have created #ReThink, a 360-degree service aimed at innovating business model, customer experience and corporate communication. In strategic-operational key and open to new trends.

What we do

  • Innovation Workshop: stimulates company management to think disruptively through digital innovation
  • Business Hack: a real Hackathon during which internal resources have the opportunity to compare themselves on the business, giving rise to original development models
  • Business Competition: the challenge always provides great motivation, and therefore it is important to bring it within the company. How? For example, giving small teams a project to be developed over a limited period of time. The team with the most original, effective and sustainable idea wins a final prize
  • Transformation Experience: what better training experience of a trip? And what better destination than Silicon Valley to immerse the team in a challenging context where you can experience the digital transformation live? A lot of meetings, workshops and open discussions with the major players in the sector. A real digital safari.

Why BVA Doxa

BVA Doxa is the point of reference for the market as it offers data strategy, e-visioning and transformation of the organizational culture starting from a unique and rigorous analysis of the data. BVA Doxa helps its clients to subvert the current paradigms and accompanies them in the future redefinition of business and communication processes.


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