Reliable Data Survey Tool

ClearView is the only face-to-face monthly survey in Italy.

Representative samples and reliable statistical data are collected for a clear view on opinions and behaviours of Italians and their families.

ClearView is 1.000 home interviews per month, CAPI (computer assisted personal interviews) for a precise collection of the representative data of the entire population: from 15+ to the most seniors.

Jump on board ClearView, whenever you want, asking whatever you want!

Perche Clearview

Why ClearView?

    • To reach difficult targets like teens 15+ and seniors, etc.
    • To extend interviews to specific targets, like responsible of household purchases, product users, etc.
    • To be sure of the respondent’s identity.
    • To receive highly qualified and in-depth answers.
    • To enter houses and verify the consistency of the respondent’s statements.
    • To gather photographic material.
Chi Sceglie Clearview

ClearView is chosen by:

    • Companies with specific targets.
    • Study centres, universities, foundations and other entities/organizations.
    • Law firms, in fields like trademark law, intellectual properties, etc.
    • Market Research agencies, both italian and foreign, with the need for face-to-face fieldworks.


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