National Observatory on Italians and the Home

The CasaDoxa Observatory was created in 2017 from the Retail&Living Unit, and is specialized in the analysis of the demand side of Living, which is to say, everything revolving around living in the home.

CasaDoxa is a multiclient product, undertaking a yearly survey on a representative sample of 7,000 families which is further enriched by specific inquiries and periodic updates on current phenomena: it has been particularly active in monitoring the needs of Italians during the period of the lockdown and successive Phase 2.

The Observatory is multisectoral and it is able to give indications on the evolution of demand on all the business sectors involved in Living (at home): services, furnishings, consumer electronics, financial and insurance products, utilities, entertainment, plant systems and components, and real estate.

The Sample Data, which has been stabilized, beyond highlighting macrotrends, constitutes a structured starting point for surveys on specific initiatives able to give clients information on which to make decisions for actions to be undertaken in defining products and services.

CasaDoxa WEB TALK, 25 June 2020

The hub house: the real engine of recovery

Presentation of 3rd Edition CasaDoxa – National Observatory on Italians and the home

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The interviews of CasaDoxa with the protagonists in the world of the home

Based on information collected through our CasaDoxa Observatory 2020, we asked two questions to some of the protagonists in the world of the home:

  1. During these last few months, inside the home, there has been an acceleration of tendencies already underway. The home has become the focus of individual, social and work activities, and not for a single member of the family, but for everyone. None of us had ever lived contemporarily together with all family members concurrently doing different activities (working, playing, cooking, doing fitness, …) and for entire months at a time. The “all together passionately” has also shown us positive aspects, for example as technology has gone from “cold” to being lived and perceived as “warm” due to its usefulness and comfort. This is what we recorded with the CasaDoxa Observatory, and we continue to record in our weekly surveys. What about you and your company, from your specific observation point, what are you recording?
  2. From our Observatory, we see there is a renewed desire to invest in the home, a real motivational “fire” which will continue to burn for many months to come and could involve important budgets for changes or renovations in the home, with immediate choices such as changing furniture or improving the thermal comfort, or larger TVs, and so on. What are your projects to welcome this motivational “fire” and to keep it alive?
Casadoxa 2020 Thumb Video

Mario Franci

Direttore Commerciale e Marketing –

Casadoxa 2020 Thumb Video

Alberto Comunello

Customer Value Management Director – E.ON

Casadoxa 2020 Thumb Video

Alberto Vanin

Socio e Brand Ambassador – Facile Ristrutturare

Casadoxa 2020 Thumb Video

Sergio Scalpelli

Direttore Relazioni Esterne e Istituzionali – Fastweb

Casadoxa 2020 Thumb Video

Roberto Busso

Amministratore Delegato – Gabetti Group

Casadoxa 2020 Thumb Video

Edoardo Posani

Country Customer & Consumer Insight – Ikea Group

Casadoxa 2020 Thumb Video

Chiara Mizzi

Communication and Philanthropies Lead – Microsoft Italy

Casadoxa 2020 Thumb Video

Emanuele De Longhi

Head of Marketing Home Appliances – Samsung Electronics Italia

Is it really an irreversible change or a reaction of 100 days of all of us, together passionately, closed at home? Will the effects of the economic crisis break the strong desires to invest in the home?

The answers to these and other questions are all here, and there are many more than those heard at the event “The Home Hub: the real engine of the recovery”. There is a lot yet to be discovered, one just needs to read the data deposit, information and knowledge contained in every chapter of CasaDoxa 2020.

The CasaDoxa data are an infallible compass for those wishing to understand, anticipate the needs and expectations of Italians, intercepting with precision diverse generations and social classes.

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Paola Caniglia

Head of BU Retail&Living

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