In 2 cases out of 3 what the company management considers as priority is not perceived as such by the client. Companies increasingly need a partner who can read and interpret diverse, heterogeneous and complex sources and data to turn them into concrete business inputs.

BVA Doxa supports companies to learn more about their customers, their experience and their expectations by doing customer survey and analytics design.

What we do

  • We identify and map customer journeys of a brand’s customers
  • We monitor the satisfaction and experience of a brand’s customers
  • We find out what really matters to the customer
  • We support the company in its plans to improve and manage critical issues
  • We do data mining and analytics on all the available information sources available to the brand
  • We do data driven design, to improve the customer experience, seeking the balance between customer satisfaction and the creation of economic value for the company
  • We support the dissemination of information with graphic solutions and storytelling
  • We support communication for content management

Why BVA Doxa

BVA Doxa is the reference point for the market as it offers:

  • A personalized and customized support
  • An approach that makes our customers progressively independent in the management of analytics
  • The best value for money on the market and the best return on investment in research
  • Effective outputs, storytelling, dashboarding
  • Statistical tools, data mining and analytics always on the cutting edge
  • Creativity and out of the box thinking

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