Doxapharma launches the Italian Pharmacy Barometer

A year has passed since the Covid19 emergency outbreak, and it is even clearer now how the pandemic radically changed relations also within the health sector. When it comes to Italian pharmacy, there is a more direct relationship with the patient also in the consultancy / advice area, which often replaces those distant and difficult-to-organize relationships with doctors. On the other hand, one should consider the difficulties for Italian pharmacists in implementing their role in local healthcare, the relationship with the patient and the proactive use of digital and an all-round communication in an operational way.

Hence the importance, one year later, of giving life to the Doxapharma Italian Pharmacy Barometer: an extensive research on a representative sample of pharmacy owners that provides a picture of the new values ​​at the center of the “post-Covid19 pharmacy” and the opportunities for the business system in the relationship with the Italian pharmacy along the product-relationship-service continuum.

The main results will be discussed together with Cosmofarma. To the workshop we will invite the entire drug supply chain, from pharmacist associations (Federfarma and Fofi), to Farmindustria, Assosalute, Aipa, Cosmetica Italia, medical and patient associations. The workshop will have the goal of building the new model of the relationship pharmacy, in the light of the significant changes in the context we live in. The Barometer will be launched at the end of March: before this date it is possible to join and benefit from a space for specific questions, of interest to companies. For further information, please fill out the request form at the bottom of the page.


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