Climate Change: a global concern is rising

There is a huge majority of people that agree that there is a climate change that leads to global warming (85,8%). At the same time, 45.9% consider that it is already too late to curtail climate change. These are a few of the global results coming from the WIN World Survey 2019, the research carried out by WIN, International Network of market research and opinion poll, that surveyed over 29 thousand people in 40 countries on climate change and global warming. Doxa is founding member of WIN.

LEVELS OF CONCERN ON THE RISE – The majority of people share a concern about global warming and climate change. Results show some kind of consensus in the following facts: there is a climate change that leads to global warming (85.8%), global warming is a result of human activity (84.4%) and global warming is a serious threat for mankind (84.5%). However, opinions are divided when asking if there is time for a change: 45.9% consider that it is already too late to curtail climate change.

Students and people with higher educational levels are the ones that showed higher levels of concern, but they are also the most optimistic and willing to change behaviors to contribute to finding solutions.

GEOGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTION – Although all regions show the same level of awareness and concern among their citizens, APAC shows the most negative view about the future (54.9%), in contrast with people from the Americas that are more positive (54.6%) and think there is still time to do something to reduce this environmental problem.

When looking at the specific countries, there are some differences in terms of the role that human activities have in climate change: 97.1% believe climate change is a result of human activity in Thailand, 94.8% in Ecuador and 93.2% in India, this differs from other countries like Pakistan (59.8%), whose citizens feel less responsible. It is also interesting to note that the US ranks low (among the last three countries): only 72.4% of its citizens consider that human activity affects the environment, differing from the population of other countries.

Vilma Scarpino, President of WIN International Association said:

“Population in all countries are aware of climate change and worried about global warming, but they are negative about the possibilities of curtailing this problem. Citizens might need guidance and information on how they can contribute to finding possible solutions to handle this threat.”

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