BVA Doxa & Things at SIOS21: Innovation without risks

Innovation based on method. The recipe of BVA Doxa & Things

Innovation is not a downhill path, and startups know this. At the same time, however, there are ways and methods to follow that can make the open innovation of a company less risky, methods based on objective data and insights collected “on the field” and by working on the product, starting from the value proposition, to transform it into a concrete idea and avoid mistakes before launching it on the market.

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In light of these considerations, a new partnership was born between BVA Doxa, leader in market research in Italy, and THINGS, design & innovation agency, known in particular in the European startup system, with a focus on new generation IoT products for consumers and pure digital products. BVA Doca and THINGS took part to the StartupItalia Open Summit event on the 13th of December, to talk to the startup ecosystem and show them what kind of gaps could be filled to scale the product business on the market.

Listen here below to the full interview of Massimo Sumberesi, BVA Doxa Head of Marketing Advice & B2B:

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