BVA Doxa e THINGS: A Partnership for Market Research’ New Approach and Innovation Design

The partnership between BVA Doxa and THINGS has a clear goal: to share professionalism and to focus on the processes to innovate market research and product experience design’ methods and contents that will benefit companies. THINGS is a design and innovation agency, especially known in the European start-up system, with a focus on IoT products for consumers.

Sharing professionalism and to integrate the typical processes of the reference sectors is the main goal of the new partnership between BVA Doxa and THINGS: market research and product design innovation, with specific attention to the new needs dictated by current events, will be the main focus. THINGS is a design and innovation agency known in particular in the European startup system with a focus on IoT consumer products.

FIRST STEP TOWARDS A DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – The partnership was created with the aim of supporting companies in an effective digital transformation process of products and services. Market research systems will be put in line with business objectives with human-centric design methodologies and processes aimed at the innovation of the product.

The two companies undertake an ambitious industrial goal unique in the market, to be achieved by promoting an interdisciplinary approach aimed at facilitating and unifying the involvement of the client’s corporate functions in a shared path. This becomes particularly important today due to the radical transformation of consumer behavior and traditional business schemes in times of the ongoing health emergency.

DETAILS OF THE PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN BVA DOXA AND THINGS – BVA Doxa and THINGS will work together with their customers from the preliminary collection of the information background. They will then bring new methods and tools in the definition of methodologies and content of the research, facilitating moments of co-creation for the definition of the experience design in the final product, leveraging the data collected and the insights developed.

The goal is to share with the client company a complete and effective path of design and development of innovative products and services, by sharing advanced market research and product experience design as a common factor.

AN INNOVATIVE STEP FORWARD FOR THE MARKET RESEARCH SECTOR: BVA DOXA’S POINT OF VIEW – “The collaboration with THINGS, an extremely progressive reality for everything related to innovation and product design represents a first experiment in Italy to innovate the market research sector, which is traditionally linked to a certain “methodological orthodoxy”, comments Massimo Sumberesi, Head of B2B Business Unit in BVA Doxa. A constantly evolving market and increasingly demanding customers regarding information needs have prompted us to want to make a strong change compared to the approaches and methods used so far. We are convinced that the integration of our work processes can finally respond in a more agile and effective way to the need of our customers to receive increasingly targeted information, with a logic of maximum customization of the final product. This is even more important today, following the recent Covid-19 emergency: an event that marked a turning point in the usual dynamics of choosing, buying and sometimes using a product, and therefore necessarily also the activities of research and user validation».

A UNIQUE METHODOLOGY TO LIMIT BUSINESS RISKS: THINGS’ POINT OF VIEW – “The digital transformation and data economy impose a big change in the approaches and planning methods adopted so far – adds Pier Bardoni, CEO of THINGS -. The partnership with BVA Doxa, a historical excellence in our country in the field of market research, represents for us the opportunity, unique so far, to offer our customers a product experience design approach enhanced with specific data-driven assumptions by combining market and product research in the product design process. The strength of this partnership is decidedly “industrial” with the aim of offering the market a distinctive and effective methodology that limits the business risks of companies in product innovation”.

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