BVA Doxa and the Branded Entertainment Observatory present the TV Tracking

BVA Doxa together with OBE – Branded Entertainment Observatory, the Association that studies and promotes the diffusion on the Italian market of branded content & entertainment as a strategic lever for integrated brand communication, present TV Tracking, the first standard post-evaluation system for the television. The continuous monitoring, with evidence available to Associates and the entire market, was created with the aim of verifying the effectiveness of branded entertainment initiatives within Italian television programs.

The first quantitative survey, carried out in December 2020, concerns the monitoring of 18 TV programs which contain 38 distinct brands. The research highlights extremely relevant levels of advertising recall of the content, with an average weight of 60%, and peaks of up to 85%, as well as a significant increase in brand KPIs, between exposed and not exposed to the programs, a figure that demonstrates the effectiveness of brand entertainment activities and how they are fundamental in the notoriety and growth strategies of many companies.

The brand lift, which is the improvement of the image in recent months, in particular, has grown on average by 84%, followed by trust (trust in the brand, +32%), familiarity (the degree of affinity with the brand, +30%), advocacy (the brand recommendation, +25%) and consideration (the propensity to buy the brand, +24%).

The initiative will continue throughout 2021, allowing the comparison between the evidence of the single brand with respect to all the TV programs that the Observatory will monitor over time, and enriching the benchmark database. The scenario resulted from the first wave of OBE TV Tracking will be presented on February 11th during a webinar in which Anna Vitiello, Chief Experience Officer Fuse and Head of OBE Hub Insight, Antonio Filoni, Head of Digital Offering BVA Doxa, and Erik Rollini Managing Director MediaCom, will take part. Here is the link to register for the webinar.



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