Bank: it’s time to be online

Savers have also overcome the taboo of internet. One Italian out of two chooses web, apps and mobile banking services for the performance of usual banking operations. Especially the over55s. This is what emerges from the BVA DOXA survey carried out on behalf of Findomestic.

Today, users are getting smarter and more comfortable with the online world. With a figure for all: one Italian out of two relies on online banking services. From July 2018 to June 2019, in fact, the percentage of users who use their bank’s site to carry out routine operations has grown from 49.1% to 52.1%. While App and mobile banking services for this type of transactions are chosen by 23.2% of Italians compared to 22.4% last July.

This is what emerges from a BVA DOXA survey carried out on behalf of Findomestic, which also found that the most complex operations are not even frightening: 28.5% of Italians use the internet even for the most sensitive and less frequent cases, a figure that is increasing of almost 7 percentage points compared to last summer.

OVER55s, IN STEP WITH THE TIMES – According to the data collected by BVA DOXA, it is mainly the over-55s, specifically in the 55-64 age range, who use web services to monitor more often (in 58.4% of cases) or check their savings and movements. The millennials, for this purpose, prefer mobile: 42.1% of users between 18 and 24 years use the smartphone to monitor their activities and savings.

THREE KEY NEEDS – The survey conducted by BVA DOXA also asked the sample which are the most important features of a bank account: it emerges that the low management costs are the most widespread need (55.2%) as well as the clarity and transparency of costs (40.2%) and the possibility of managing everything online (39.5%).

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