2021: A fresh start for BVA Group

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Pascal Gaudin, Chairman of BVA Group’s Management Board

“The BVA group is off to a strong start this year thanks to the continued confidence of our local and international customers during this period. Our teams have developed major new projects, new approaches and new partnerships with them “, declares Pascal Gaudin, Chairman of BVA Group’s Management Board.

The group is now looking to the future, with a more international and a more participative project. The group is thus displaying greater ambition and intends to offer its clients and employees a renewed promise.

The first step in the rebuilding process has been the restructuring of the group’s capital. A key element was giving greater weight to employees, with more than 60% of the capital in the hands of BVA Group’s management. Supported by the French private equity fund Naxicap Partners which holds 40% of its capital, BVA Group can now renew its growth programme.

The group has adopted a new, more international governance structure, enabling it to accelerate the transformation of its business model, looking to the future with a more international outlook and a renewed relationship with its clients and staff.

The group plans to develop globally as an experience champion (customer, consumer, patient, employee, shopper experience), relying on its strong sector expertise as well as its knowledge in behavioural science.

BVA Group supports its customers on a global scale (Europe-Asia-USA) with four brand families:

– BVA, BVA BDRC and BVA Doxa in Europe, insights consultancy in consumer, customer, retail, employees, health, and public sector

– PRS IN VIVO, specialising in packaging and shopper and consumer behaviour;

– HUBICUS, European leader in Quality Monitoring;

– BVA NUDGE UNIT, expert in behavioural sciences and in the activation of behavioural change.

About BVA Group

As an international marketing consulting group, BVA Group supports the transformation of companies through the knowledge of individuals.

Ranked among the top 20 global market research companies with offices in 11 countries, BVA Group helps its clients understand an ultra-connected, increasingly complex world and a rapidly changing economy.



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