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📝July’s Agenda:

1. Gucci x Oura: Luxury jewellery that helps you get healthier

2. BMW: The colour-changing car

3. Trader Joe’s x Magnus Cards: Creating a more inclusive retail experience

4. Netflix: Immersing us in the world of Stranger Things

Gucci has diversified by teaming up with Oura, a Finnish health technology company, to offer a luxury wellness accessory. The ring, emblazoned with the brand’s initials, is a new form of wearable tech that collects information about the wearer’s health. Heart rate, body temperature and sleep are all subsequently analysed on a smartphone app, and customers receive guidance on improving their results. This exclusive tech partnership gives customers lifetime access to Oura’s services, which are typically subject to a premium subscription.

Oura Gucci

The BMW Group recently unveiled BMW iX Flow, its latest initiative to deliver an integrated user experience. The car incorporates E INK technology and a wrapper that changes colour through the power of thought. Brain activity is recorded through electrodes and transcribed into colour onto the vehicle, allowing it to be personalised. Calm psychic activity will correspond to a slow rhythm of colour change, while more excitement will result in more abrupt and rhythmic changes, with shades of black, white or grey depending on the activity.

The innovation was demonstrated at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where experts helped testers calm their brain activity and thus regulate the colour changes through neurofeedback. Although for the moment the experiment was only observed in the context of CES in Las Vegas, we can imagine that tomorrow drivers will be able to improve their driving experience by regulating their brain activity, keeping their composure and remaining focused…

Bmw Colour

Grocery chain Trader Joe’s is partnering with Magnus Cards to make the in-store shopping experience more accessible. Magnus Cards has a mission to create practical tools that improve everyday experiences for people with neurodiverse abilities. Delivered through an app, the growing library of cards act as guides to make the world a more accessible place, covering topics such as money management, personal care, cooking and more.

The Trader Joe’s and Magnus Cards collaboration adds further content, breaking down a shopping experience that users might otherwise find challenging or overwhelming into bitesize tasks. Features include visual cues, audio guides and gamification – all designed to reduce anxiety and to make food shopping a more enjoyable experience.

Trader Joes

Netflix developed a new immersive experience designed around the latest season of Stranger Things. The event took place on 22 May in New York to launch the series’ fourth season. In keeping with the show, visitors were considered subjects in a laboratory from the moment they entered. They were able to interact with live actors, offered riddles to solve and were shown video footage of the cast of the series. A short 3D film shown at the end of the visit immersed them in Upside Down, the alternative dimension that exists in the series alongside the human dimension. Finally, a large room welcomed visitors in an 80’s atmosphere with arcade games, treasure hunts, photo opportunities and a merchandising stand.

Stranger Things
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