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📝August’s agenda:

1. Delta Airlines: optimising Detroit airport screens with parallel reality

2. Moxy Hotels (Marriott Group): enhancing a hotel stay through augmented reality

3. Dopper: helping customers make the most of their water bottles after the point of purchase

4. JD Mall: blending physical and digital in a 24-hour shopping experience

The technology, delivered in partnership with Misapplied Sciences, allows up to 100 customers to see tailored content about their journey on the same screen, at the same time. Imagine 100 pairs of eyes looking at one screen, but each only seeing personalised information about their flight – no need to sift through lots of irrelevant details about other flights when time is of the essence! To experience this, passengers must scan their boarding pass and enrol in the digital identity programme via the Fly Delta app. Enrolment in this programme activates the facial recognition required to deliver personalised information to the passing customer through multi-view pixels and parallel reality technology.


Moxy Hotels (Marriott Group) has launched “Moxy Universe, Play Beyond!” in the Asia-Pacific region to create a fun, immersive experience and greater connection with guests. The augmented reality experience allows guests to explore twelve Moxy hotels from Shanghai to Tokyo using their mobile device. Tours are conducted using a virtual avatar that guests can customise (accessories, outfits, hairstyles) before their stay. On arrival in person, guests can scan a QR code to see holographic projections of their avatar that will allow them to explore each part of the hotel right up to their room. Guests are encouraged to complete challenges as they make use of all corners of the hotel, with the potential to win prizes along the way.


We all know that reducing plastic pollution by changing your habits and carrying a reusable water bottle is a good thing. However, refilling while out and about can be a tricky experience or act as a deterrent, particularly in unfamiliar areas. Dutch water bottle brand Dopper has tackled this pain point for customers by listing all accessible and free water points. 1,825 water points have been placed on the Dutch map, with France, Spain, Germany and Belgium to be added in 2023. Customers are able to further engage with the service and its goals by adding missing re-fill points as and when they are discovered.

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Chinese e-commerce giant is enhancing the customer experience at its JD Mall, which opened last September in Xi’an, China. The five-storey mall houses more than 150 brands selling mainly electronics, home appliances and furniture. Shoppers can simply scan a QR code attached to their chosen item and it will be delivered to their home in less than two hours. VR headsets are also available to aid product discovery and selection. Beyond this, JD Mall has enriched the overall experience with 29 areas of product interaction: a beauty salon, an audio experience zone, drone testing, massages and wellness treatments.

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